Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Infrared image of a water damaged ceiling dried by remediation

While a little tricky to use, infrared cameras help identify wet areas in water damages in which one isn't sure if/where the damage might be or it is in a diffi... READ MORE

Repairing an exterior wall which collapsed during a fire

The original brick wall collapsed during this warehouse fire in Freestone County, TX. After the fire department and insurance company folks inspected for cause... READ MORE

Thank goodness they didn't need to use it that Sunday morning!

Imagine the surprise to find this when opening up the church for Sunday services and activities. While a few nearby Sunday school classes had to be moved, the ... READ MORE

What to do with this mess?

Sometimes folks just have to drop and go from apartments, rentals and even homes. Our heat goes out to them. Often things are quite a mess by the that time and ... READ MORE

Clean Up on Aisles...

Imagine opening your business doors in the morning and finding this. This happened over night Friday night/Saturday morning on the beginning of a holiday weeken... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Waco Commercial Large Loss Team

SERVPRO of Waco Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration coordinated this large residential commercial water damage clean up & restoration in the Waco L... READ MORE