Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Pete the Cat - brought back

This abstract art wall hanging (oh make the non-objective art) was covered with soot. The picture was taken just after wiping the soot off the glass and frame h... READ MORE

Back to Sparkling Clean

Fortunately, china, porcelain, silver, metal and other hard surface items clean up quite from soot and smoke damage. If the item is not scotched, which can't be... READ MORE

Cool little eat in area too close to the fire

SERVPRO of Waco restoration company got called to help clean and provide restoration of a home just outside Hubbard, TX which suffered a fire damage from a stov... READ MORE

The Room Adjoining the Fire

At first glance the living room in this Hewitt, TX, home which experienced fire damage looks deceiving. Maybe a little wipe down/clean up and things will be OK... READ MORE

The Long Simmering Plastic Bowl Fire

While the home in Meridian, TX, was for sale, the homeowner was out of town for a few days. Some where between showing the home and a friend feeding the pets,... READ MORE

Dull to Sparkle

Looks OK at First Glance...but...Often in a fire, furniture and content items not directly in the direct damage area appear not affected or affected very little... READ MORE