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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Soggy Carpet from a Water Leak

Often carpet can be extracted and dried in place. This is better for the carpet with less handling and manipulation. It also reduces the handling and manipula... READ MORE

Wet Carpet, Trim & Walls - Sometimes It Has to Go!

Take It Out - Sometimes the customer just wants the carpet pad out for one reason or another. Other times it just can't be saved. Wet Walls - Sometimes it is n... READ MORE

The Utility Room was Freezing.

Another freeze victim. The water pipe in the utility room was the culprit. Water soaked this room pretty well and went into other areas, as well. In decoratin... READ MORE

Curses...the Japanese Bathroom Pipes Froze.

The bathroom in this "man cave" is elevated to accommodate the plumbing. The red wall is the bathroom wall. Cold air got into the plumbing space during a freez... READ MORE

Frozen Pipe in the Attic...Not Good!

This damage is from a frozen pipe which burst in the attic and was not discovered right away. Water weight brought down pieces of the drywall and insulation rig... READ MORE

Wet Batts in Belpry

Well, this is actually blown-in insulation as opposed to "batts" of insulation, but the effect from the burst water pipe is the same. Sometimes a pipe in an att... READ MORE

Mold Behind the Vanity in Crawford, TX

The customers had removed the master bath vanity in this Crawford, TX, water damage before our arrival. There was a modest amount of mold on the wall behind the... READ MORE

Mold Behind the Vanity in Crawford, TX

The customers had removed the master bath vanity in this Crawford, TX, water damage before our arrival. There was a modest amount of mold on the wall behind the... READ MORE

Wet Laminate Flooring

People just love laminate flooring. The stuff is tough as nails...except for water damage. Water is the nemesis of laminate floors. Almost all laminate floors,... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Waco Commercial Large Loss Team

SERVPRO of Waco Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration coordinated this large residential commercial water damage clean up & restoration in the Waco L... READ MORE

Dull to Sparkle

Looks OK at First Glance...but...Often in a fire, furniture and content items not directly in the direct damage area appear not affected or affected very little... READ MORE

Heavy Rain Flooding

Ground Water - ugh! Sometimes when there are large amounts of rain in a short period of time or intermittent episodes of heavy rains, water can begin to gather ... READ MORE

Clean Up on Aisles...

Imagine opening your business doors in the morning and finding this. This happened over night Friday night/Saturday morning on the beginning of a holiday weeken... READ MORE

What to do with this mess?

Sometimes folks just have to drop and go from apartments, rentals and even homes. Our heat goes out to them. Often things are quite a mess by the that time and ... READ MORE

Thank goodness they didn't need to use it that Sunday morning!

Imagine the surprise to find this when opening up the church for Sunday services and activities. While a few nearby Sunday school classes had to be moved, the ... READ MORE

The Long Simmering Plastic Bowl Fire

While the home in Meridian, TX, was for sale, the homeowner was out of town for a few days. Some where between showing the home and a friend feeding the pets,... READ MORE

Plumbing Leak Between the Meter and the Building

Often we at SERVPRO of Waco restoration company find other, mostly small issues occurring with the structure/property the owners which haven't come to the owner... READ MORE

The Room Adjoining the Fire

At first glance the living room in this Hewitt, TX, home which experienced fire damage looks deceiving. Maybe a little wipe down/clean up and things will be OK... READ MORE

Flooded Theater Room Near Meridian

This theater room at a Eulogy, TX, ranch experienced a water damage when the outside faucet line in the wall froze and burst. Eulogy is a little North of Merid... READ MORE

Cool little eat in area too close to the fire

SERVPRO of Waco restoration company got called to help clean and provide restoration of a home just outside Hubbard, TX which suffered a fire damage from a stov... READ MORE

If the city wants in...the city gets in.

Pictured is a boarded up window on an old institutional building we boarded up in the past. The boarding has been set out of place, but still in front of the wi... READ MORE